Beating BRD Loss by Leaps and Bounds

Beating BRD (Bovine Respitory Disease) by leaps and bounds.

Immune Primer Supplements

Beating Bovine Respiratory Disease by strategically incorporating our Natural Immune Primer Supplements into your management and vaccination program. This program will decrease disease in your herd and earn you extra profits. Take a look at our Natural Beef Case Study to learn more.

Disease Prevention and Therapy Program

Beating Bovine Respiratory Disease has become easier by adding Ramaekers' Immune Primer products to your disease prevention and therapy program. Our laboratory and field studies have proven that our patented ingredients dramatically increase the immune system's response speed and activity level. We have proven that we can improve the immune response by over 400% with no side effects and stimulate the body to respond faster in the face of a disease challenge. The key to achieving these results is strategically using our products at the typical stress windows observed in the livestock industry: calving, breeding, transporting, and processing.

Beating Bovine Respiratory Disease

Stress is known to weaken the immune system, but now there is an answer to combat this age-old problem. Priming and activating the immune cells is easy, safe, and economical. We've developed several formulas. These formulas make administering our products at various stages of raising and processing cattle easier. Always start early before the stress window to get the best response.

Bovine Sales and Consulting

Our Patented Products Stand at the Forefront of Immune System Enhancement.

Sales and nutritional consulting. Dr. Slagle educates and consults veterinarians, producers, and growers on the application and function of immune-enhancing products in veterinary medicine.

Let him help you learn how to approach animal wellness with immunotherapy. Our patented products are safe, healthy, effective, natural, and good for the environment.

Increase your Bottom Line

Our goal at Ramaekers Nutrition is to increase your bottom line and free yourself from the endless merry-go-round of endless drugs and failures. Contact Dr. Steve Slagle (below) for bovine sales and consulting.

Dr. Steven Slagle, DVM. Sales and consulting for bovine and other livestock animals.

Bovine Wellness & Support

Increase your bottom line. Let us help you free yourself from the endless merry-go-round of drugs and failures.

Cows and Cattle

Cows and Cattle

Wean Safe. Travel Safe.

Avoid shipping fever by informing the correct immune response.

Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle

Improve Your Bottom Line.

Protect your investment on the front side — decrease losses on the backside.

Newborn Calves

Newborn Calves

Jumpstart Newborns.

Prevent scours and attain higher weaning weights.

Optimize Reproduction.

Improve flushing returns or increase reproductive rates.

Stockers and Feeders

Avoid Sick Treatment and Death Loss.

Start feeder cattle on the right foot and help them gain faster.