Dock Diving Champion

Dock Diving Champion. Barry is 4 years old and has been on Ramaekers Nutrition immune support products since he was 6 weeks old. Various forms of the supplement have benefitted Barry in the last four years.

The unique benefits of the Canine Complete+ Immune Support Powder have supported Barry's participation in the demanding sport of Dock Diving. These results were particularly evident during a severe kennel cough outbreak at a national competition two years ago. While many dogs crated around Barry fell ill, some even succumbing to the illness, Barry remained symptom-free, a testament to the supplement's effectiveness.

At a different time, Barry and his sister Diamond, who was taking the Vet Immune Professional Tabs for Lupus, remained healthy dogs when the rest of our pack contracted kennel cough.

A year and a half ago, Barry had some vision issues and was given the Vet Immune Professional Powder, which helped him see better.

Barry, Dock Diving Champion.

Barry is a larger lab who has maintained healthy joints despite a very active life.

Barry earned first place in his Dock Diving Distance Division out of 145 dogs at last year's national competition!

The joint support in the Canine Complete+ Immune Support Formula Barry regularly takes enables him to continue to compete well in his sport. The Formula gives him a shiny coat and spunk.

Barry feels good, and I feel good helping him stay healthy!

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