For Our Canine Companions

Ramaekers Nutrition has made the investigation and study of Natural Immunotherapy our main focus over the last 40 years. We have developed nutritional supplements for dogs that emphasize Immune Education, Immune Modulation and broad based nutritional support for the patient. Immune Education starts at birth and can be continued throughout life with our patented products.

Nutrition is the Science of Health and Medicine is the Science of Disease

The main goal for our products is to improve the patient's State of Wellness & Health and to promote Longevity through effective immune enhancement. A vigilant and responsive immune system is a key factor in promoting health through prevention. We currently produce four individual products for the different stages of life in dogs.

Our patented formulas are based on the Synergistic effect of combining naturally sourced biologically active peptides (Transfer Factors) found in egg yolks & cow colostrum with plant derived heteropolysaccharides. The combination of these immune active ingredients allows a dramatically enhanced immune response without side effects. Our staff veterinarians have observed and documented amazing clinical responses in their patients with both acute and chronic health challenges.

Dr. Ramaekers research and field studies over the last 40 years has revealed the importance of a balanced ingredient formula sourced from organic, whole foods and other natural sources will deliver the best clinical results. He was one of the pioneers in studying the beneficial effects of glucosamines and chondroitins in animals. His recent research has emphasized the importance of high bio-availability trace and micro-minerals in the facilitating the intra-articular effects of the most commonly used natural anti-inflammatories and chrondro-protectives.

We invite you to visit our case studies pages. These individual cases provided by practicing veterinarians will demonstrate how useful and powerful natural immunotherapy can be either as a primary therapy or as an adjunct to traditional veterinary therapy protocols.


Trust Transfer Factor Technology

Trust Transfer Factor Technology to optimize immune system function in your pets. While many products use rudimentary single ingredients known to aid immune health, Ramaekers Nutrition delivers the only immune support products harnessing Transfer Factors supported by a unique and patented blend of essential nutrients and powerful nutraceuticals.